Take Action

Show Your Support for the Compact!

Ensure that our Congressional delegation knows about the benefits of the Water Compact by voicing your support.

They need to know: Montana’s farmers and ranchers need the Water Compact to protect existing water rights and ensure water right certainty for future generations of Montanans.

Act now to let them know you support the Compact and how it benefits Montanans by:

  • Preventing endless litigation that would force many into litigation at the Montana Water Court and a costly, decades long, legal process
  • Protecting all existing rights for domestic, commercial, municipal, industrial, stock water or other non-irrigation use
  • Protecting individual property rights and ensuring the transferability of water rights to future generations or upon sale of the land
  • Creating new and sustainable economic activity and jobs in Montana

Montanans depend on our water resources. We need your help to make sure they are protected for future generations.