CSKT Water Compact Passes Final House Vote, 53-47


April 17, 2015

Shelby DeMars

CSKT Water Compact Passes Final House Vote, 53-47

(Helena, Mont.)—Farmers And Ranchers for Montana (FARM), a grassroots organization of over 600 farmers, ranchers, irrigators and water users from across the state, issued the following statement from spokeswoman Shelby DeMars after the CSKT Water Compact (SB 262) passed the final vote of the House of Representatives by a margin of 53-47:

“The passage of the CSKT Water Compact is a tremendous victory for water users across the state of Montana. By passing the Compact our legislators have saved Montana taxpayers, and thousands of individual Montana water users, millions of dollars in litigation costs and provided certainty to water right owners and irrigators for years to come. The legislators that supported the Compact deserve to be thanked for their support of the Compact and Montana water users.”
Farmers And Ranchers for Montana (FARM) is a coalition of hundred of farmers and ranchers, united with local leaders, tribal governments, businesses, water-users, and other Montanans who support the approval of a Water Compact.

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